Meal Prep Week of March 4, 2018 – Shrimp and turkey philly wraps; slice turkey and chicken wraps; chicken sausage with low fat cheese and fruit

Boo Boo and I are busy people, and we ended up basically repeating much of what we did last week with just a few twists.

  • For breakfast, we had chicken sausage with low-fat mozzarella and mixed fruit.
  • For lunch, we had wraps made up of sliced turkey and chicken with a side of SunChips.
  • For dinner, we had shrimp and turkey philly wraps. Continue reading

Meal prep week of February 19, 2017 – Thirteen bean soup with turkey sausage and shrimp and a side of garlic parmesan oopsie bread; baked chipotle chicken foil packets with peppers and oven-fried okra

Welcome back for another week of meal prep! ┬áThis week I was trying to make something easy where I already had the ingredients on hand because I just didn’t feel like going to the grocery store…so I settled on the following meals for this week:

  • 13 bean soup with turkey sausage and shrimp with a side of garlic parmesan oopsie bread
  • baked chicken and peppers foil packets with oven-fried okra Continue reading