NSV: Exploring the world with a new body and a new attitude

I just flew back home from visiting my sister in Seoul, South Korea for a week.  And I had an AMAZING time!  Anyone who knows me knows I love to travel and explore, and there’s so many activities I’ve always wanted to do, but I was limited by my weight.  Now that I’m 97 lbs down, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and go to the other side of the world.

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NSV – Going up the ladder

Early this morning I thought I smelled something funny in the house, and that it might be coming from the air vent.  So I pulled down the ladder to get into the attic and check it out.  I started to climb up…but what caught my eye was the sticker on the ladder. Continue reading

NSV – 6 month check-up – 80 lbs down!


Top-left :  June 2016; middle-left: April 2016; bottom-left:  June 2013
Top, middle and bottom right: March 2017; bottom right is same skirt as bottom left


So this week, on April 3, 2017, marked exactly 6 months for me since I had the sleeve (10/3/2016).  I had my check-up at my doctor’s office, and they showed I was at 83 lbs lost (15 lbs pre-op, and the rest post-op).   Continue reading

NSV – Crossing my legs in a narrow space


It really is the little things that mean the most!

Some things that might seem like a pretty mindless, insignificant gesture to others – crossing your legs and wearing a pair of heels – meant alot to me.  Not being able to do something that all the women around me can do made me feel less beautiful and less ladylike.  Less like “me”.  Those were two things I never really thought about, until I was at my highest weight and unable to actually do it.   Continue reading

NSV – Understanding that food equals nutrition, not money

PicPlayPostGIF (1).gif


This might sound like a weird NSV, but it was one that took a while to learn.  For my whole life, my attitude about throwing food away was, “I’m not throwing my hard-earned money away!” because I equated food with money. Continue reading

NSV – Fitting in at a concert venue


Me at Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus, Philips Arena, 2/17/2017  – #75lbsdown

About three years ago, a friend and I went to Philips Arena in Atlanta to see Stevie Wonder in concert.  The concert itself was great, I had a fun time with my friend, and I loved seeing one of my favorite singers of all time, but I could not wait to get it over with.  Why?  Because of the seats!   Continue reading

Get off the scale and celebrate!


Working out on the stairmaster, 2/2/2017

Today (2/3/2017) marks my 4th month since surgery (Oct 3, 2016), and to say that it’s been a REAL STRUGGLE would be an understatement.  This has absolutely been the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life…harder than 6 years of college, harder than 3 years of grad school, harder than the years of work I’ve had to put into my career, harder than buying a house and car…I almost would do those things over again than this past year leading up to the surgery and what I’ve had to do post-surgery. Continue reading