February EOTM – “I don’t have enough time/money/energy to work out.”


Your’s truly running at the gym, 9/13/2013

I want to admit something upfront – I am single, I have no kids, and I work from home.  So in comparison to many of you, I probably have a bit more leeway in terms of how much time, energy, and money I can dedicate to exercise.  I don’t want to undermine the fact that many of you feel stretched to your limit in terms of time, energy, and money, and at the end of the day don’t have much more to give to anything else.   Continue reading


January EOTM – “But…I still have to live, right?”


I was sitting across from my doctor, trying to think of something clever to say.  I had just happily told her that I made some sugar-free cheesecake brownies for dessert, and how good they were.  I thought she’d be happy, but her response was, “Wait, hold up…you did what, now?”   Continue reading