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Lemme introduce myself:  my name is Elizabeth, but my friends call me Liz. I’m 35, no kids, single, and currently living in Atlanta.  I do instructional design and software training full-time, and I teach ESL on the side. In my free time, I volunteer with a few organizations, including the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Hands On Atlanta, Atlanta Mission, and LiftUp Atlanta.

I like watching old reruns of my favorite shows, like Sex and the City, Martin, and Living Single.  I love shoes and I love reading fashion magazines. I love all kinds of music – jazz, classical, hip hop, neo-soul, jazz, old school r&b (I’d rather listen to the Isley Brothers than listen to half of the crap on the radio today).  I love the arts – museums, the symphony, plays, concerts, etc.  Lately I’ve really been getting into thrift shopping and DIY projects.  I LOVE travel, and one day see myself working remotely outside of the US in my beach house  overlooking the ocean; of course, that’s only when I’m not in my high-rise condo back in the States with the gorgeous panoramic city view.  One day….

Having weight loss surgery was a deeply personal decision that I’ve made, after years of being unsuccessful with meeting my health goals.  And by years, I mean since childhood.  My goal with this blog is to educate, inform and inspire others that are also struggling, and are looking at all their options for getting healthier. *  Surgery isn’t for everyone and it certainly should not be your first option for weight loss, but it’s a powerful tool that can be effective if used wisely.

I don’t want this blog to only be about surgery and losing weight – I want it to be a well-rounded view about my life as a whole and how it changes as a result of the surgery.  I believe that success with weight loss is not just measured on the scale, but in your overall quality of life.

I appreciate your taking time to visit my blog, and I hope that you enjoy!  Please stop by often for updates to articles, meal prep plans, and much more.

* Disclaimer:  I want to put out there that I am NOT a medical doctor and am not able to provide medical advice.  Please make sure to do your research, just as I am doing, and speak with your doctor about your specific medical conditions.


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