February 2018 EOTM – Office Party Snacks!

By now, you’ve probably seen me write posts about my experience with going back and working in a traditional office setting.  And with that comes all of the typical office goodies – cookies, cakes, muffins, brownies.  I’ve been here about a month, and I swear, at least once or twice a week it’s been someone’s anniversary, retirement celebration or birthday, or a department meeting where there has always been foods that were not bariatric-friendly.  Above is a pic of just a few of the goodies that have been served at the office where I work.

It’s been hard.  Very hard.  Which is why I’m making it the Excuse of the Month.  The last few times, I joined the party, but did not partake in any of the goodies.  One day last week we had Chick-fil-A catered for lunch, and I only got some chicken with salad greens topped with low-fat Italian dressing – none of the sweet tea, lemonade, or famous Chick-fil-A chunky chocolate chip cookies.  The week before that, a lady came around with slices of pound cake that she made to share with everyone, and I kindly said, “No thank you.”  When I walk in the breakroom, occasionally there are cupcakes, candy, chips, and bagels spread out on the table for everyone to enjoy.  There is a never-end supply of sugary Keurig coffee cups mixes and packets of sweetened hot cocoa to help pick you up in the morning.  There’s always going to be SOMETHING, and when it comes down to it, you just have to make a conscious decision to do what you need to do for your health.  Not that you can never have a cookie again, but you have to understand you are making a choice that could send you back down a slippery slope of addiction.

I gained back 10 lbs over the holidays, so I’ve had enough sweets.  I know what brownies taste like, so I’m not missing anything.  I have my whole life to partake in the office goodies, so I don’t have to do it now.  And I am trying to be intentional about packing enough meals and snacks ahead of time, so that I’m not hungry at work and buying something out of the vending machines or from the onsite cafeteria.

I’ve gone about two weeks now with no sweets, and I intend to keep it that way for now.  Just because they bring snacks to the office, does not mean that I have to have any.  I can make my own snacks, and bring my own sweets that will be healthy versions appropriate for where I am in my weight loss journey.  I have 40 lbs left to go, and I am hoping to meet that goal by summer (by spring would be more awesome).  That means getting more disciplined about my food choices.  I’m still going to the gym, but my choice of food is always going to be the biggest driver for weight loss success (or failure).

So what do you all think?  How do you avoid temptations at your workplace?  I’d love to know!





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