Meal Prep Week of 1/14/2018 – Spaghetti-stuffed eggplant; garden salad


To help jump-start my weight loss, I’m going back to basics….when I was first out of surgery, I was super dedicated to doing my weekly meal prep.  I was good at it for several months. And then life stepped in, and I started to slack off.  Continue reading


New Hopes for a New Year

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They say that losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions; and  definitely it’s the most daunting. Continue reading

Lower-carb Macaroni and Cheese


I loooove soul food, but it’s not exactly the healthiest cuisine…so when I found a healthier way to prepare my world-famous mac n’ cheese (to go with my black eye-peas and greens for the New Year) I jumped all over it. Continue reading