August EOTM – “But I don’t like drinking water!”


Nothing like a nice, cold glass of H20 to hit the spot, right?

So many of us have such a hard time getting in enough water, for a variety of reasons.  In my opinion, whenever I hear someone say they “don’t like water” or “water is boring,” what they are really saying is that they are more used to drinks that are sugary and carbonated and need that “fix”.  Totally understandable…after all, it’s addictions to food and reaching for that “fix” that get many people to the point where they need weight loss surgery.

For others, they tend not to reach for any water until they actually feel thirsty – bad move.  By the time you feel thirsty, you’re already partially dehydrated.  Listen to your body, don’t just wait until you feel thirsty.  According to the Mayo Clinic, some signs of dehydration include

  • Extreme thirst
  • Less frequent urination
  • Dark-colored urine
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion

Go on too long without adequate hydration, you can end up with a host of issues, such as cramps, heat stroke, urinary/kidney dysfunction, seizures, and worse.

If you don’t like water, then you’ll just have to understand that your body needs it to live and function properly (you’ve never heard of someone dying from lack of colas, beer, or fruit juices from concentrate).  Our bodies are mostly made up of water, and it needs that water for a number of reasons, including regulating your body temperature, regulating your body’s pH levels, removing waste, transporting nutrients to your organs, etc …water is so important, that you can only live three days without any water.

As bariatric post-ops, this concept is especially important since dehydration is a leading cause for hospitalizations, which is why I’m making it the Excuse of the Month.  It’s recommended that you get in at least 64oz of water on a daily basis.*  However, because most of your stomach is removed during surgery, you are NOT going to be able to gulp down your water any longer; you’ll have to sip throughout the day.  So that’s going to take some extra vigilance from you… keep a bottle of water in your bag, keep a bottle in the car, keep some at your desk at work, keep the fridge stocked with water bottles – whatever works for you.  Personally, I keep a pitcher at my desk, and my challenge to myself is to finish the pitcher by the end of the work day.  I know this sounds like alot, but dehydration is a serious issue and you need to understand that if you do decide to have weight loss surgery, this is exactly what you are signing up for.

It’s also worth mentioning water’s key role in weight loss.  Water not only helps with satiety, but it increases your metabolism, gives you energy, and helps burn calories.  Another reason why I’m making it the Excuse of the Month.

If you can’t seem to get in enough water, try mixing it up – add in some lemon or lime, slices of fruit or cucumber, or try using a sugar-free drink mix in your water like Great Value sugar-free teas.  Try drinking (decaf) coffee or other sugar-free drinks like Low Calorie Gatorade.  Also keep in mind that your fruits and veggies have water in them too, so eating the right foods can also help with staying hydrated.


Talk to your doctor if you are getting in the recommended amount of water but have continued problems with thirst; other factors, such as side effects from some medicines or diabetes, can cause you to stay thirsty.


What do you all think?  I’d love to hear from you!


* Be sure to speak with your doctor about their specific recommendations for daily fluid intake for you.

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