NSV – 6 month check-up – 80 lbs down!


Top-left :  June 2016; middle-left: April 2016; bottom-left:  June 2013
Top, middle and bottom right: March 2017; bottom right is same skirt as bottom left


So this week, on April 3, 2017, marked exactly 6 months for me since I had the sleeve (10/3/2016).  I had my check-up at my doctor’s office, and they showed I was at 83 lbs lost (15 lbs pre-op, and the rest post-op).  And it’s been HARD.  Good, but really hard.

I can’t lie, this has been an extremely frustrating, emotional, mentally-challenging, yet satisfying experience.  I’ve completely changed my diet and I work out four days a week minimum.  I’ve had some instances where I’ve slipped, but quickly got back up with the support from my close friends, fam, and doctors.   I’ve gone from a size 26 to now a size 16, yet I still see the old me in the mirror.  I honestly cannot tell a difference unless I see comparison pics of myself.  It really messes with your mind.

The up-side:  I have way more endurance and I feel physically stronger.  And I love shopping!

I’ve still got a looooooong way to go.  A REALLY long way to go.  But I’m determined to make it to my goal, which I’ll share when I get towards the end of this process.

One thing that I did promise myself was to cut my hair off and get a really funky style when I hit 100 lbs…so stay tuned!

– Liz

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