Meal prep week of 3/5/2017 – prepping healthy snacks for a road trip and return to post-op diet for the week

This past weekend I took a road trip out of town for a few days, and wanted to share my prep work for the snacks that I took on the road.  .


I knew that during my vacation I would eat out for my main meals so I wanted to ensure that I had plenty of healthy low-carb snack options for myself within arms reach.  I consider this an NSV, because I’ve never thought ahead so extensively for what I was going to eat while on the road.  Normally I’d just grab and go, especially when having to stop at a gas station.  But now, pre-planning is a part of my new lifestyle.

My travel snacks consisted of the following:

And of course, I brought a case of water to help me stay on track with getting in enough water each day, especially since I spent most of my time out in the sun.


Now as far as my meal prep for the week, I decided to go back to weeks 1-3 of the post-op diet because of the things I ate during my vacay.  I’ll be honest, I did very well during breakfast and lunches for the most part, but when it came to dinner I did relax the rules a bit and allow myself some carbs.  For example, one night I had a slice of NY style pizza for dinner.  Another night I had sword fish that came with veggies and cheese grits (but the grits sucked so I actually didn’t eat it).  Another night I had a few fries with my crab cakes and green beans.  How do I feel today?  On one hand, I feel good about my choices, even with a few carbs included.  On the other hand, it’s causing some cravings, so it will take some work to fight those cravings and get the toxins out, hence the post-op diet to “reset” my system…so if you do go on vacation or have any kind of celebration, it’s best to avoid carbs and stay on the plan.  But if you do have some, just understand it’s going to take some work when you get back home.  I would stress, however, to avoid indulging in your specific “trigger foods” at all costs.

As for exercise, I walked around the beach and rode a rented biked around the city for hours and hours.

But anyway, as you know, the post-op diet consists of mainly fluids, such as protein shakes, as well as soups and pureed items.  Below are a few items I am going to have this week to detox from my weekend:


I’ll be back next week with a full-menu.  What are you all having this week?  I’d love to hear from you!

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