Meal prep week of 3/19/2017 – Snacks for the road; Broccoli, mushroom, and turkey sausage casserole


So it looks like I’ll be hitting the road again this week, this time heading to Chicago to see my nephew graduate from the Naval Academy.  So this will be another abbreviated week of meal prep.  Of course, I had to get my snacks prepared for the trip too. Continue reading


Meal prep week of 3/12/2017 – Caprese stuffed portobella mushrooms with steamed broccoli; spinach and ricotta zucchini cannelloni with oven roasted sweet potatoes; turkey sausage and egg breakfast sandwiches

After a week with lots and lots of shakes, it’s back to regular meal prep for this week.  So for this week, I have the following:

  • Caprese stuffed portobella mushrooms served with steamed broccoli
  • Spinach and ricotta zucchini cannelloni with oven roasted sweet potatoes
  • Turkey sausage and egg breakfast sandwiches

And of course, I have some snacks prepared, but I wanted to show the results of this recipe I found online for Quest cookies. Continue reading

Meal prep week of 3/5/2017 – prepping healthy snacks for a road trip and return to post-op diet for the week

This past weekend I took a road trip out of town for a few days, and wanted to share my prep work for the snacks that I took on the road.  .

IMG_0526.JPG Continue reading

March EOTM – “I’m having a hard time staying motivated to eat right and exercise because he/she/it/they made me feel (insert emotion here).”


One night I was walking around the Strip on Myrtle Beach, SC.  It was my first visit there.  It was a cool summer evening, humid with a little breeze in the air and a clear, starry night.  The weather was just perfect.  I was gazing around in an oversized t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops, and looking at all the young people out and about partying and having a good time.  Girls in their bikini tops and short shorts; guys going shirtless and sporting their best kicks.  Cars would cruise by with their tops down and making a loud rumbling sound whenever they revved up their engines.  The street was packed with people going in and out of the clubs.  Lights were flashing, enticing the cheerful bustling crowds to come to their bar for 2 for 1 shots and mixed drinks.  And loud, pumping music could be heard everywhere.  I was just taking it all in.


Huh???  It rang out, loud and clear, louder than the blaring music.  I looked around, startled. Who said that?  Why?  What’s going on?   Continue reading