NSV – Understanding that food equals nutrition, not money

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This might sound like a weird NSV, but it was one that took a while to learn.  For my whole life, my attitude about throwing food away was, “I’m not throwing my hard-earned money away!” because I equated food with money.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a baller by any means, and I certainly don’t advocate for wasteful spending.  But since I felt like I didn’t want to throw my money away, I ate it if I spent my money on it, no matter what it was or how unhealthy it was.  Normally I’d come across this issue either when there was some type of gathering with friends or family where I brought a dish for everyone to enjoy or when I’d come to my senses and decide to get some “act right” with my diet, but still had some leftover junk food in the house….what do I do with the junk?  Throw it away to save on calories, or eat it because I worked hard for the money that I used to purchase it?

This weekend I had some family come into town to go to an event (where I experienced another NSV btw), and I purchased dinner for us – a family meal from Popeye’s (and yes I had one and a half wings and no I don’t feel bad thank you very much).  But there was food leftover when they left the next day…Old Me would have definitely eaten the rest because in my mind, that’s $20 I spent of my hard earned money and I work my butt off for every nickle and dime I get.  But going through this process for getting ready for surgery, I’ve had to learn that the most important thing about what I feed myself is the nutrition, not the cost.  And the thing is, you are going to spend anyway – save money on cheaper, less nutritious foods now and spend that extra money on medicine later OR spend money on higher quality nutritious foods now, and save on medicine and doctor visits later.  Which one would you choose???

So yes, if you have a special event and want to splurge for that one event, ok fine (just remember to still be mindful of trigger foods)…but then don’t continue to eat the foods from the splurge the next day and the next day and the day after that.  So yes, the Popeye’s was good for the evening, but sadly the rest of it had to go.

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