NSV – Fitting in at a concert venue


Me at Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus, Philips Arena, 2/17/2017  – #75lbsdown

About three years ago, a friend and I went to Philips Arena in Atlanta to see Stevie Wonder in concert.  The concert itself was great, I had a fun time with my friend, and I loved seeing one of my favorite singers of all time, but I could not wait to get it over with.  Why?  Because of the seats!  They seemed sooooo tiny.  I was terribly uncomfortable the entire time, and too embarrassed to tell my friend how uncomfortable I was.  The seat felt so small; I was squirming the whole time trying to reposition my body to find a comfortable way to sit, and basically there was none.  Not to mention that it was a packed concert and even though I’m only 5’6″, it felt as if there was not much leg room either.  I tried to dance and sing along and make it look like I was having a great time, but the truth was that I was miserable and embarrassed that I allowed myself to get that way.  It was my first time going there, and because of my excess weight preventing me from fitting properly in the seat, I just could not wait to leave.

That was in 2014, and I had not been back to Philips Arena since then.  So when the Ringling Bros announced that 2017 would be the last year they would perform, I told my sister that we should bring my baby nephew…not realizing it was at Philips Arena.  I was nervous going, but then happily surprised that those same seats that seemed so small last time was just right this time.  I had no problems at all, was extremely comfortable in my seat, and was able to enjoy a really awesome show.

I cannot remember exactly how much I weighed back in 2014 when I went to the concert, but I know it was waaaaaay up there…and I hate looking back at not only that time, but so many other times that I either didn’t go to certain places or would be so preoccupied with fitting into certain places that I did not enjoy myself – theaters, restaurant booths, airplanes, concert venues, etc.  I know that is an experience alot of overweight people can identify with but don’t really like to talk about.  And that is the point of this NSV – fitting into those seats really meant something to me.  It’s an accomplishment that makes me feel really good, that I know I’m doing something right and that by taking charge of my health that I’m adding to my overall quality of life.

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