Meal Prep Week of February 5, 2017 – Cheesy meatloaf with mixed veggies; garlic parmesan chicken with mushrooms and zoodles

With having to take time to make things for the Superbowl this week, I needed quick and easy for my meal prep for this week.  So I headed to Pinterest to look for some ideas to make things with stuff I already had on hand that would not require me to go back to the grocery store.  I decided on a meal of cheesy meatloaf and mixed vegetables and another of garlic parmesan chicken with mushrooms and zoodles. 

For the meatloaf, I found this recipe on Pinterest.  Of course, I had to change up a little.  I was looking at a ton of recipes and saw that some people used cheese in their meatloaf; I’ve never actually used cheese in a meatloaf before, and it came out pretty good with the mozzarella.  Also, instead of topping with ketchup like I normally would have, I used salsa to keep the sugar low.   And I did not use any breadcrumbs; just mixed in the seasonings, cheese, and I did have a bag of diced cabbage, onions, and peppers and mixed some of that in as well.img_0256

Added some mixed steamed vegetables, and I’m done with this meal. img_0257

Next, I made the garlic parmesan chicken with mushrooms and zoodles, again based on a recipe I found on Pinterest.  I had half a zucchini and half a squash in my fridge, so I used both and put them through my spiralizer.

And to make it heartier, I added sauteed chicken breast and leftover mushrooms I had from last week.img_0252

I have all the same snacks leftover from last week – chopped honeydew melon and cantaloupe, as well as sliced watermelon.  And I have lots of Greek  yogurt as well.  I had some kale in the fridge that I didn’t want to go bad, so I decided to make kale chips…there would have been more but the first bunch got burnt because I was trying to cook and watch Impractical Jokers at the same time.



What are you all having this week?  Please feel free to share!

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