Meal Prep Week of January 22, 2017 -Cajun turkey sausage and shrimp foil packets; low-carb Pad Thai

Welcome back everyone for another week of meal prep!  I was not sure at all what to make for this week, but I knew I wanted it to be something easy and quick.  I got my ideas from Pinterest, as usual, but had to put my own spin on it for it to fit into my low-carb meal plan.  So I have the two following main dishes , and then the rest for snacks and breakfast. 

I got the idea for Cajun turkey sausage and shrimp foil packets from here.

I’m going to have to do more of these, because these were ridiculously quick and easy to make.  Just dump, season, wrap, and bake.  No mess, no fuss, eat it right out of the packet.

I used Jennie-o smoked turkey sausage and raw shrimp ($6.27 from Food Depot for a 16oz package).  For the vegetables, I used zucchini, squash, mushrooms, and green onion.  I just put it all in the non-stick foil, and seasoned with a little Tony Chachere’s, black pepper, and a pat of salt-free butter.  I wrapped it closed and baked it for maybe 20-30 minutes, and it was great.  You’ll definitely see more foil packet dinners from me in the future.


For the pad Thai, I will be the first to admit that this was not a home run; I’d probably give it a B+.  I’ve never made pad Thai before, and it came out pretty decent, but not restaurant quality.  I’ll have to try this again in a future post…I got the idea from three different sources, herehere and here.  I decided not to follow the entire recipe for any of these because as I was shopping for the ingredients, I saw that they included sugar, which I’m trying to avoid, and some high-sodium ingredients, like fish sauce.  But each had ingredients that I liked, so I took a little bit of this and that from each recipe…I dunno, it seemed like it made sense at the time.

I used spaghetti squash, which I probably won’t try again in this type of recipe.  It was ok, but a thicker noodle, like the tofu shiritaki noodles I used in the chicken alfredo recipe earlier this month, would fair better.  I also used 2 tbsp of crunchy peanut butter.  I did go a little heavy on the sriracha because I like it on the spicier side.  In addition to these items, I used low-sodium soy sauce, lightly salted peanuts, lime juice, garlic, scallions, two eggs, and cilantro.


For snacks and breakfast, as usual I have Greek yogurt, fruit, nuts, and cheese, but I also wanted to recommend two other snacks – Veggie Sticks (I got direct approval from my bariatric doctor’s office about this snack as a safe option, of course within limits) and Inspire Protein Crunchers.  Sometimes I need a little crunch, and these are two good options.  I especially love the Inspire Protein Crunchers because they come in three flavors – honey mustard barbecue (my favorite), sriracha ranch, and grilled cheese.  These come from a website, Bariatric Eating, that specializes in low-carb foods for bariatric post-ops.


What are you all eating this week?  I’d love to hear from you!

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