So, what is bariatric surgery?

January 5, 2017


This is the story of four brothers:  Tyrone, Tyreke, Tyrell, and Tymarcus.

Each brother lives in the same neighborhood, in a beautiful house in the suburbs with their wives and children.  Each brother was unemployed, and looking for a job. 

After weeks and weeks of searching, the brothers happened to find employment at the same company on the other side of town.  The four brothers would each be doing the same job.  But there was one difference – how each brother got to work.

Tyrone walked to work.

Tyreke took the subway to work.

Tyrell rode his bicycle to work.

Tymarcus drove his car to work.

This created a variety of issues for each of the brothers that affected them in different ways.  When it rained, sometimes Tyrone and Tyrell unfortunately would get soaked despite having an umbrella, but Tyreke and Tymarcus stayed dry.  When there was an overturned tractor trailer and five car pile-up on the interstate, Tymarcus was over an hour late for work, but the other brothers were able to get there on time.  Tymarcus sometimes had to stop at the gas station and fill up on the way to work and Tyreke had to pay for more time on his subway card at the kiosk at the subway station, but Tyrone and Tyrell did not have to deal with such matters and therefore were able to save more money.  Other times, Tyrone and Tyrell were late because they were physically exhausted getting to and from work, while Tyreke and Tymarcus were able to sit comfortably during their commute.  Tyreke and Tymarcus commuted with the comfort of air conditioning on hot summer days, while Tyrell and Tyrone would sweat on the way and back.  Tyreke was able to catch up on his reading while on the subway, while the other brothers did not have such convenience.

As you can see, there were advantages and disadvantages for how each brother got to work.  But despite the method of transportation, once the brothers got to their jobsite, they had a job to do.  They had to do their work, then come home, pay the bills, and spend time with the family.  And do it all over again the next day.

Oh, and did I forget to mention the fifth brother, Tymarion?  He’s the lucky one out of the group – he just won $500K from a lottery scratch-off ticket.  While the other four brothers toiled away at their jobs, Tymarion was enjoying his time relaxing and having fun.


So, exactly what does this story have to do with bariatric surgery (otherwise known as weight loss surgery)?  If I had to answer the questions, “What is bariatric surgery?  What is the point of having bariatric surgery?” in my own words, my response would be, “weight loss surgery is nothing more than a vehicle for helping you lose weight.”

Yes, a vehicle.  Not a magic procedure that helps you get skinny overnight with no effort while still eating all the crap you want to eat and lazying on the couch.  Weight loss surgery is NOT an instant key to weight loss.  If that’s what you are thinking, you need to do some more research about what this is all about.  Weight loss surgery is a MAJOR life change that is going to take a lot of work.


Let’s connect this back to our story about the brothers.  Each brother has the exact same job and exact same goals – taking care of their health – but getting there in different ways.  Tymarcus represents the bariatric patient.  His ability to go to work in a car does not make the actual job any easier, nor does it improve his performance on the job.  The vehicle he drives is ONLY the method he uses to get there, but it doesn’t do the job for him.  And as you can see, every day is not an easy day for him just because he’s in a car; certain conditions – weather, traffic incidents, occasional car malfunctions – can make getting to that job a real challenge for him.

What happens if Tymarcus does not take care of his car?  It eventually stops working, right?  Same thing that’s going to happen to you if you don’t follow the rules to lose weight with your bariatric surgery.  The car will work for a little while for sure, but the longer Tymarcus abuses it and misuses it, the quicker it will be before he’s stuck on the side of the road, and will end up with his brothers taking other traditional routes to get to work.  Likewise, walking, biking, or taking the subway does not make Tyrone, Tyreke, and Tyrell better or worse at their jobs.

And happens if Tymarcus, or the other brothers, don’t do their job when they get to work?  At first, the employer might try to work with you, and you’ll still be earning a check during that time – losing some weight, but perhaps not as much as you potentially could because you are not following all the rules. But eventually, if you don’t do the work, you get fired – gain all the weight back, and possibly more.

Oh, and why did I mention Tymarion, the brother that won the lotto?  Just my opinion about the few lucky ducks out there that naturally have the kind of metabolism where weight is not as much of an issue for them like it is for the rest of us.  I’ve met a few in my life – naturally thin, eats whatever they want, doesn’t exercise regularly and still manages to stay the same weight.  I can admit that I’ve always been a little jealous of those types.  However, I’m at a point in my life where I realize that they still have the same responsibility of taking care of their health.  How many rich celebrities have you seen in the news for tax evasion, child support, and other money problems?  So yes, you can have lots of money, but you still have responsibilities to take care of, and being naturally thin still means that you have to take care of yourself. Thin people can also have problems with diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.  You cannot look at someone who is thin, and assume they are in perfect health, and cannot look at someone who is overweight, and assume they must have a laundry list of health problems.  You just have to deal with the hand you are dealt in life…


Welcome to my blog!  I hope that this opening post really opened your eyes about bariatric surgery and makes you want to find out more.

The point of this blog is for me to chronicle my personal experiences with getting weight loss surgery.  I also hope to educate, inform and inspire others that are also struggling, and are looking at all their options for getting healthier.  Surgery isn’t for everyone and it certainly should not be your first option for weight loss, but it’s a powerful tool that can be effective if used wisely.  And finally, I don’t want this blog to only be about surgery and losing weight – I want it to be a well-rounded view about my life as a whole and how it changes as a result of the surgery.  I believe that success with weight loss is not just measured on the scale, but in your overall quality of life.

I will be publishing articles on a monthly basis, but other parts of the site – such as my Meal Prep – will change frequently.  So please be sure to check back often.

Thank you for stopping by!

* Disclaimer:  I want to put out there that I am NOT a medical doctor and am not able to provide medical advice.  In this blog, I will be writing about my unique experience with having weight loss surgery.  Please make sure to do your research, just as I am doing, and speak with your doctor if you are considering weight loss surgery.

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